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If you are unsure of what sort of evaluation would be best for your learner,

please contact me and we can work together to find the perfect fit.

Reading Screener

  • Ages 4 and up

  • Time: 15 minutes to complete- 15 minutes to discuss findings (30 mins total)

  • Purpose: Provides information about the likelihood of a reading disability

  • Location: May be done online or in person

  • Cost: $50

  • Assessment: Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) Screener

    • Comprised of three subtests: one from the Phonological Index (Phonemic Awareness), one from the Fluency Index (Rapid Automatic Naming), and one from the Comprehension Index (Semantic Concepts).

    • Yields a single composite score that indicates the risk for dyslexia.

    • Allows you to decide whether the risk of dyslexia or reading disability is high enough to warrant further assessment.

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