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If you are unsure of what sort of evaluation would be best for your learner,

please contact me and we can work together to find the perfect fit.

Diagnostic Dyscalculia Battery

Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability that affects a child's ability to understand and work with numbers and mathematical concepts. Children with dyscalculia may struggle with basic arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They may have difficulty understanding number relationships, estimating quantities, and grasping mathematical symbols and concepts. This can significantly impact their school performance across various subjects, not just math. For instance, it may affect their ability to understand and solve word problems in math class, comprehend time and money concepts, and even follow directions that involve numerical sequences.


Despite normal intelligence and adequate instruction, children with dyscalculia often experience frustration and anxiety related to math tasks, which can further hinder their academic progress and overall confidence in learning environments. Early identification and appropriate support can make a substantial difference in helping these children thrive academically and develop strategies to manage their challenges effectively​.​

*Medical insurance does not cover these evaluations

**Diagnosis of Dsycalculia does not guarantee IEP/504

***These evaluations do not qualify for the Family Empowerment Scholarship unless they are signed by your child's doctor

Please contact me directly for help with any questions!

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